Unlimited E4


  • $250.00

The VOODOO UNLIMITED E4 is the lightest hockey stick on the market and yet one of the most powerful ever made. Constructed for true performance under pressure, the UNLIMITED E4 delivers more power you have ever experienced while the DK technology maximises the impact diffusion for a smoother feel. The Supa lite core reduces the overall weight and allow high speed stick movements. CW Laminate doesn't only make the stick look sleek but increases the overall strength of the stick to deliver the highest power. It's time to unchain power

  • Power: Lethal
  • Carbon Computation*: 100
  • Composition: Carbon, Fibreglass & Kevlar
  • Targeted Weight: 515gr
  • BP: 400mm

*CC is an indicative amount of composite fibres used to achieve the sticks stiffness. The higher the CARBON COMPUTATION the stiffer the stick.

  • Supa Lite Core
  • CW Laminate
  • RR Tech
  • Dual Kevlar

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